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For all of us, we need to relook at a few of my older postings on here. One is called Empowering Everyone and another is Support, family Friends None. The reason is sometimes after a chaotic time we need to reflect and see how they are there to remind us. Not to be judgemental nor hasty. To use our compassion love and understanding. To remember how we'd feel if we were judged wrongly. TO help all of us not just one. That we are just one but together we are STRONGER, HAPPIER, and able to EMPOWER all of us. So if you wish to please do what I asked if not for me maybe for yourself. We all have setbacks and perhaps this is one we can use as a Life Lesson. We are human and bound to make mistakes or err in judgement. Thus is my hope and wish that you will also check out my new pictures I posted on my profile. These are meant to make you smile. Keep that smile pasted and know that I do care and love each of you who has blessed my life, enriching it beyond measure, and thus empowering me along with yourselves. Take the negative and turn it a positive. Now I was thinking of a game hmmm just a thought. Lee me know what you think. Hugs Yes I want your opinion LOL Hugs

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