Saxenda Could Delay or Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

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Since most of us here already have diabetes, it is kind of a mute point. But if you know someone who is not diabetic but has some markers that could lead to that road, this article may interest you.

It is showing that 3 years on this drug in the management of chronic weight issues could prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. That is kind of neat. 3 years is only because that is the length of the trial so far, but it's promising.

"The latest results from the SCALE Obesity and Prediabetes three-year extension trial showed that people who took Saxenda once-a-day for three years, in addition to making healthy changes to diet and exercise, were a whopping 79% less likely to be diagnosed with a new case of type 2 diabetes in that time frame compared to people who changed their diet and exercise alone (the placebo group). Looking at the data another way, a daily dose of Saxenda was 2.7 times as likely to delay type 2 diabetes as placebo."

It says no "serious" health issues showed up, but the group on the drug did have 2% higher occurrences during the course of the study. Like any drug, there always seem to be trade offs. But it is interesting.

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haoleboy 2017-07-03 11:18:16 -0500 Report

"Saxenda Could Delay or Prevent Type 2 Diabetes"
misread this as Sex and Could Delay or Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
damn … if only we were so lucky