"Novo Nordisk Recall: Novopen Echo Insulin Delivery Devices"

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Don't know if any use this device, but thought I would post this here just in case.

"Novo Nordisk is initiating a recall of insulin cartridge holders used in a small number of NovoPen Echo® batches because they may crack or break if exposed to certain chemicals, like certain cleaning agents.

NovoPen Echo® is used for insulin treatment by people with diabetes. Using a device with a cracked/broken cartridge holder may result in the device delivering a reduced dose of insulin which could potentially lead to high blood sugar.

Novo Nordisk believes the risk of experiencing high blood sugar when using a device with an affected cartridge holder is low."

U.S. batch numbers:


If patients are in possession of a NovoPen Echo® device with a batch number which is not mentioned above, there is no reason for concern and they can be confident that the pen will work as intended."

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