Diabetes Articles

Chronic Communication at Work: Do I Have a Right to Ask for a Raise?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary tells what you can do if health issues make you hesitate to ask for more money.

Chronic Communication at Home: What's Best for Us? A Key to Resolving Conflicts

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Dr. Gary explains how to resolve disagreements with your partner in ways that bring you closer together instead of driving you apart.

Chronic Communication at Home: Abandonment Fears and How to Cope

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary explains how to deal with worries that chronic illness will cause one partner to leave the other.

My “Spoon Theory” Life

By Lana Barhum No Comments

“The Spoon Theory" is an essay about what it’s like to live with chronic illness or a disability, using spoons as a metaphor for the limited energy that people with chronic disease have.

The Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

By Tom Betar No Comments

Extreme caloric restriction, or “crash dieting,” can have dangerous consequences for your physical and mental health, and you may be more likely to gain the weight back.

Insulin Pens Are Getting Smarter

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Your next pen may provide many of the benefits of an insulin pump.

Loneliness Linked to Health Risks: Finding Support for Better Heart Health

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

People who are isolated or feel lonely have a significantly higher heart disease risk, but it isn't too late to get support and possibly lower your risk.

Switching Doctors? 4 Things to Look For in a Healthcare Team

By Jeanette Terry 2 Comments

Whatever your reason for seeking a new doctor, it can be an opportunity for you to figure out what’s lacking in your current medical care team and find it.

Uncertainty: Using Your Rational Mind to Help You Cope

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary tells how to use abilities you already possess to successfully deal with life's uncertainties.

Chronic Communication at Home: Take Your Partner to Your Doctor Appointment!

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Good things happen when the three of you talk face to face. Dr. Gary tells how to get the most from it.

Eat More Fiber Without Spiking Your Blood Sugar

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Learn which low-carbohydrate foods are rich in healthful fiber.

Your Critical Inner Voice: Are You Carrying the Torch or Carrying the Torture?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary shows you seven ways to stop punishing yourself with self-critical thoughts.

Should You Just Say No to Clot-Busting Drugs?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

If you have a blood clot in your leg, other treatments may be preferable.

Should Your Doctor Change Your HbA1c Goal?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

New research suggests the same goal may not be best for everyone.

Feeling Normal: Think of Your Chronic Condition as a Feature, Not a Disability

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary explains how changing the way you look at your health can open the door to a happier life.

Fight or Flight: How to Manage Your Body’s Natural Reaction to Stress

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary names eight simple steps to help you rein in a runaway response.