Diabetes Articles

Why Losing Weight May Be Harder for You—and What You Can Do About It

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Learn how your body could make it more difficult for you to resist tempting food.

Why Do I Feel Like Your Offer of Friendship Is Charity?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary names seven ways to choose friends who see beyond your chronic condition and treat you as an equal.

Is It Normal Anxiety or an Anxiety Disorder?

By Lana Barhum No Comments

Different kinds of anxiety may be helpful or harmful. Learn how to tell them apart.

The Power of Peer Support: Don’t Face Diabetes Alone!

By Jeanette Terry No Comments

Our friends and loved ones can give us essential kinds of support that we can’t find anywhere else.

Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

By Lana Barhum 1 Comment

Once I was able to accept the reality of my situation, it because easier to live a happy and fulfilled life and not sweat the small stuff.

Newly Diagnosed: Set Yourself Up for Success!

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary names nine simple skills that will help you manage your chronic health condition.

Coping with Diabetes and Anxiety

By Dr. Bev No Comments

Anxiety is common among people with diabetes. Stress can disturb blood glucose control because the body’s release of stress hormones also produces extra glucose.

7 Blood Pressure Mistakes Even Some Good Doctors Make

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Here’s how you and your healthcare provider can avoid common errors that make your blood pressure look higher than it really is.

Chronic Communication at Home: Are You Asking Too Much of Your Partner?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary names six simple ways to take better care of the person who’s taking care of you.

How to Help Your Child Adjust to Type 1 Diabetes

By Jewels Doskicz No Comments

Type 1 diabetes is tough, but there are some helpful things that can smooth over the rough edges for the children who shoulder it every day.

Chronic Communication at Work: When You’re Caught in Office Politics

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary names nine ways to look out for yourself when life at the office gets difficult.

Why Is Smoking So Bad for People With Diabetes?

By Jewels Dosckiz 1 Comment

If there’s one thing you can do to stack the odds in your favor when diagnosed with diabetes, it’s stop smoking.

Newly Diagnosed: How to Cope With Doctor Fatigue

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

If getting the best care requires seeing several doctors, Dr. Gary can help you handle it.

New Device Detects Diabetic Eye Disease Without an Eye Doctor

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Now you won’t have to see a specialist to find signs of dangerous diabetic retinopathy.

Are Continuous Glucose Monitors Worth the Extra Cost?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

An important study helps you compare the benefits and expenses.

Will Exercise Protect Your Heart If Heart Disease Runs in Your Family?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Learn whether “bad” genes make higher heart risks inevitable.