Diabetes Articles

Chronic Communication at Home: When Does Being Supportive Turn Into Being Parental?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Don’t let good intentions lead to treating a chronically ill partner like a child. Dr. Gary helps both sides deal with this common issue.

4 Steps for Healthier Holiday Eating With Diabetes

By Jeanette Terry No Comments

Follow these easy tips for sticking with your diabetes eating plan during the holidays.

How to Rejuvenate Your Fight for Diabetes Advocacy

By Jeanette Terry No Comments

One way to be a good advocate is to show others what living with diabetes is really like.

Do You Have Double Diabetes?

By Amy Campbell No Comments

Double diabetes is when someone who has type 1 diabetes develops insulin resistance, a key feature of type 2 diabetes.

Talking to Your Doctor: My Lab Results Seem to Be Falling Into a Black Hole

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary explains what to do if you don't get your test results when they are promised.

Can Exercise Improve Appetite Control?

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

While most assume that vigorous exercise will drive them to eat even more, studies have shown that physical activity can suppress your hunger.

Chronic Communication at Home: Agreeing to Disagree

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

When a difference of opinion can’t be resolved, Dr. Gary explains how you and your partner can find a path forward that you both feel good about.

Cholesterol Pills Linked to Diabetes Risk

By Kent Peterson No Comments

New findings may reignite an old debate about the safety of statin drugs.

5 Ways to Curb Your Carb Cravings

By Jewels Doskicz No Comments

Here are five tips that can help you cut back on craving too many carbs.

Dealing With Tempting Foods at Work

By Amy Campbell No Comments

Are you worshipping at the workplace food altar? There’s a simple way to avoid it.

Why Does Diabetes Boil Down to Self-Control?

By Jewels Doskicz No Comments

It seems like self-control will always be needed to live healthfully with diabetes. Is there evidence of that? And how do we get better at it?

Next-Generation Artificial Pancreas Shows Promise

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Learn how advanced technology uses your smartphone to predict your insulin needs.

Self-Reliance: Be Your Own Port in the Storm

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary explains seven ways to help yourself through life’s difficulties.

Chronic Communication at Work: Should You Try to Hide Fatigue?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

If chronic illness saps your energy, Dr. Gary names seven things to consider before you decide how much to say about it.

Why You Need a Flu Shot If You Have Diabetes

By Kent Peterson No Comments

The flu has greater dangers for people with diabetes. Here’s what you must know.

Blood Tests That Can Determine Prediabetes

By Tom Betar No Comments

Here are the three most common blood tests used to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes.