Like "Lindsey you misread what I said and jumped to an unfounded conclusion or assumptions. I said I was not interested at this time in learning more about T1 which does not mean that I won’t be interested in the future. I am still learning about T2. My friends know I am always asking them to be tested for diabetes. I even notified my Facebook friends of Diabetes Awareness Month and to have themselves tested and to ask their friends and loved ones to be tested. I am currently working on putting together a Diabetes Health Fair for children and adults in my community for next summer. This is what happens when you jump to conclusions about something or someone. I am a community leader, come spend a week in my shoes and you will find out just how much I know, who I know and what I do to keep people aware of various things. You are only tied down by something if you choose to be tied down. I know people and have worked with people with a wide variety of disabilities or medical conditions who must take medications or use daily medical equipment and not one of them are tied down. My mantra is, “I CONTROL MY DIABETES, IT DOES NOT CONTROL ME”. Everyone who takes medication more than likely has missed a dose. As a former EMT, I have transported far too many people who have missed their medication and took a double dose or waited till it was time for the next one. Some were repeat transports. According to my mom, I was never afraid of shots as a kid nor did I cry when I got them and to this day it doesn’t bother me. I understand that it must be horrible for the children who must take shots 3-6 times a day. I live in the real world and the fact of the matter is you can spread awareness of every kind of medical problem there is. People are aware of these medical conditions; you are assuming they don’t and I don’t know what you are using to make that assumption. The problem is some people really don’t care about diseases until it happens to them or someone they love or are close to. You can make people aware of something but you can’t make them care about it. That is the reality of life. "